I'm glad you found your way here.  If you've read my books, thanks for
your support.  If you're new to me and my work, thanks for your
interest. Check out what I've written about my novels on the Literary Works page. These riffs are more than just the usual synopses.  I wanted instead to tell a little about some of the big ideas and events from my life that went into the making of my novels.  This is how I really feel about them. It's not the kind of stuff you usually see on cover flaps enticing readers to start turning the pages.

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If you'd like to read some of the interviews I've done over the years,
click on Media.  I've posted reviews there, too, and will soon be adding some videos. I invite suggestions as to how to improve this website: what would you like to see here that is missing?  I'd also be grateful for feedback on my books.  What has worked the best for you?  What has worked the least or not at all?

Please feel free to contact me, and thanks again!

David Zindell


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